Why Choose UK Fire and Security Doors as Your Partner on Your New Build Development Project

Why you should choose UK Fire and Security Doors to provide home security doors as Part of Your New Build Development Project

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When it comes to completing your new build development project, one of the most important areas to focus on is making sure all your new builds have adequate security.

The best way to ensure this is to focus your attention on aspects of the build where external people could gain access- the windows and doors being the most obvious choice.

Doorways are not only used as an entryway for invited guests and callers, but they are also the first port of call for unwanted visitors.

Therefore, installing doors that meet requirements for Building Regulations, Secure by Design and Q-Mark, tested to a current and relevant standard for the building and/or area is paramount as your new build start development.

Communal Entrances and Security Specifications

Current regulation recommends for all external doors and windows have to offer a level of security that is considered suitable for living in, similarly to other buildings exposed to potential risk.

For a company to be able to supply and install doors to such building they must pass through rigorous procedures designed to test the security and durability of the door set. The certificate awarding body also reserve the right to attend the premises where the certified door sets are being produced at any time to carry out checks ensuring that the doors in production are indeed being produced relevant to any certification they may carry. These minimum standards are pivotal in separating companies who are producing high quality security doors that meet testing criteria from those who are producing low quality units that will offer little security or longevity.

Doors for new builds will also need to demonstrate compliance with the police SBD ‘Secured By Design’ initiative, again demonstrating a market leading level of workmanship gaining them access to an exclusive list of suppliers and their products which are accessible by procurement and design teams when putting together plans for a new building.

Secured By Design is a Police ran initiative that offers developers, planners, architects and general customers access to an approved list of manufacturers who have passed through the SBD testing procedure. The idea behind this initiative is to provide a solid group of companies who have displayed their ability to produce doors of exceptional standard to provide appropriate security for a building. A company may hold various certification under SBD – for example, UK Fire and Security Doors holds PAS24 and STS 202 BR2 for a variety of designs and builds, these can all be found here

DDA – this is a regulation for the clear opening of communal entrances to take into consideration disabled access such as people using wheelchairs. There are a number of required widths dependent on the angle of the unit and the angle of approach to the door that can be seen on the table below.

PAS24 – PAS24 is a security standard for door-sets, this is a requirement in all cases for new build properties. The door will be processed through a selection of tests such as pressure on the hinge and then the lock side and impact tests on the body of the door.

STS 202 BR2 – This is a higher security standard than PAS24 and demonstrates the burglary resistance of the door set (BR2 is Burglary Resistance 2). This is a much more in depth test where the unit is physically attacked by a professional with a selection of tools (the selection changes with each level of resistance). This test sees the door subjected to sustained attacks using wedges, levers, hammers, screwdrivers and other hand held tools.

Locking Mechanism – This can be a pivotal factor in a door carrying certification or not. Please always be aware that there are a plethora of different strengths in magnetic locks and just because a door has them, doesn’t mean it is certified. Always ensure that any required security standards are clearer requested so that the quoting company can be sure the door they are presenting is fit for purpose.

Travel of the unit – Opening outwards is ALWAYS more secure. UK Fire and Security Doors recommend doors always open outwards unless there are factors not allowing this such as steps or a sloping external floor. Please be aware that the travel of the leaf can effect the certification of the door ion some circumstances so always make this clear.

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Why Choose UK Fire and Security Doors?

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UK Fire and Security Doors provides its customers with an end-to-end, one-stop service from the first time you contact us right through to the completion of a project. We go beyond that and make sure that our doors are maintained to our high standards- so that you can trust in our commitment to excellence through every stage of the project. We can offer unrivalled expertise in the field of communal entrances and security doors, ensuring your specification ticks all the boxes and also providing you a cost for the project in its entirety. Design, supply, install, aftercare – we do it all.

We see our customers are partners, and we draw on our experience to continue to advise them of any changes to the rules and regulations that may affect their projects overall.

For more information about how UK Fire and Security Doors can assist you today, please contact us to discuss with one of our team.

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