What does using ThermSecure Doors mean for your properties and tenants?

What does using ThermSecure Doors mean for your properties and tenants?

As a landlord, you are responsible for providing your tenants with quality housing, and performing repairs and maintenance as and when is needed. No matter the form of housing landlords provide, whether flats or houses, there are legal guidelines to which they must adhere.

And these guidelines are tightening.

As a heightened emphasis is placed on tenant’s rights, safety, and residential security, landlords are facing more responsibility and accountability. A large part of the protection of tenants lies with the quality of doorsets within your property – namely, the entrance and exit points and security doors. These points are susceptible to illegal and unauthorised access and harsh weather conditions, whilst also being responsible for fire resistance, smoke control, and providing escape routes, as well as thermal efficiency.

Getting your doorset right is essential to the quality of housing you can provide for your tenants.

UK Fire and Security Doors’ ThermSecure Range

thermsecure range

UK Fire and Security Doors’ ThermSecure Range is designed to meet all the requirements for a secure door, whilst also providing thermal insulation for properties which have, or intend to install, heated entrances, foyers, rooms, and halls.

With polyamide inserts fitted throughout the profile of the door, our ThermSecure Range maintains the internal temperature of a building through reinforced insulation solutions. This is an economic and environmentally friendly choice for thermal efficient landlords who do not want to unnecessarily waste heating, and keep their bills to a minimum.

Similarly to our Signature Range, our ThermSecure doors can be designed around our customer’s specifications and requirements – from the bespoke profile of the door down to a range of colours.

How can our ThermSecure Doors benefit you?

thermsecure range

UK Fire and Security Doors meet all door specifications, including PAS 24 and STS 202 BR2. PAS24 doors meet the standard to which all doors and windows must be manufactured in the UK, whilst STS 202 BR2 doors meet the resistance standards to unauthorised access.

Alongside meeting regulations and providing peace of mind for your tenants, a landlord must consider the longevity of a door. This typically comes down to material choice; wooden doors are vulnerable to weather conditions, whilst uPVC doors may not offer the protection needed for larger facilities. UK Fire and Security Doors’ aluminium doors provide both security and style, warding off unwarranted access to the building and meeting all practicalities, such as heating insulation without compromising on the security element of the unit.

The importance of comparing doors and getting it right

If you’re looking for security doors UK, it is important to compare what’s on the market to ensure you’re making the right decision for both your tenants and your role as landlord. With security doors, it’s important to make the correct decision regarding your doorset, as people’s safety may be at risk, and you could end up spending more money further down the line fixing the issues that could’ve been avoided.

UK Fire and Security Doors provide a one-stop service to guarantee your needs are met; if you’re still unsure about what type of door you may need, we moreover offer a simple door comparison to help guide you through our Signature and ThermSecure Range.

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