Security Door Standards: What Security Standards Can Be Provided By Security Doors?

Security Door Standards

Whether you are developing properties to rent or planning new homes for your housing association, it is vital to consider the security of the entryways that you will use for the properties. Residential security is something that tenants value as it provides peace of mind and reassurance. Therefore, ensuring that the doors you choose for your properties offer a high level of security is essential.

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Why Security Standards are Important for Security Doors

Fitting safety doors and security doors in your properties is vital, but they must meet recognised security standards. Some products claim to offer safety and security, but the only way you can know for sure is to choose doors that meet the relevant standards. Doors compliant with recognised standards will help protect residents from threats such as anti-social behaviour and burglary. Buying doors that don’t meet the guidelines will not offer the robust protection required and will fail to provide a secure living environment for your tenants. A great place to start is the Secured By Design webpage – this is a police initiative that provides a potential buyer with an approved list of manufacturers and installers of doors and windows that meet a specific testing standard for security.

Choosing the best option for your security doors will ensure the door sets will last for many years and provide a secure entryway to your buildings. Familiarising yourself with the relevant safety standards of residential doors will ensure that you pick the most suitable options for your buildings. Choosing high-quality security doors is a decision that will pay off in the short and long term. When selecting the best doors, you should benefit from reduced maintenance costs, long-lasting doors that do not require regular replacement and fewer insurance claims for damage to your doors.

Here are the security door specifications to look out for when selecting your doors:

PAS24 Doors

PAS stands for Publicly Available Specification and is a standard given to doors with enhanced security protection. The PAS24 standard is tested to ensure the doorsets can withstand attempted break-ins, such as tampering with the cylinder lock. Only doors that pass these tests are certificated with the PAS24 standard. When you are trying to find a door that provides plenty of security, it is a good idea to look out for doors carrying the PAS24 accreditation.

LPS1175 Doors

LPS stands for Loss Prevention Standard, and the standard is set by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). The standards set within this rating are informed by organisations such as the UK government, insurance companies, and the police. The LPS1175 security standard refers to intruder-resistant building components, and security doors can fall within this category if they match or exceed the required standard. This ensures the doors meet the high-security standards needed to protect against intruders.

STS202 Doors

The STS202 standard for doors is awarded to doors that meet the requirements of Exova Warrington apt CERTISECURE, which is an independent certification scheme. Products that meet the STS202 standard have passed security tests which ensure they provide an enhanced level of protection and security while also remaining fit for their original purpose.

Ensuring that doors you purchase for your buildings meet the above standards will mean you are getting the best quality doorsets without compromising on security.

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